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Paolo and Luca

Luca and Paolo have been living in NZ for more then a decade, embracing local traditions, the beautiful landscape and exceptional prime produce.

Both Luca and Paolo come from Lombardia region, south of Milan near the Appenino mountains. As kids, we were running around our grandparent's kitchen as they prepared all our beloved food And this is where we developed the taste and knowledge for artisan-made cured meats

When we arrived in New Zealand, we couldn't find products similiar to what we ate in Italy. So we decided to start producing sausages and salamis as we could:

  • source the best quality meat;
  • climate conditions are similar;
  • plus the need to fill our nostalgia of our Italian traditions.

We now produce fresh traditional Italian pork sausages in three varieties:

and cured meats:

Our other exquisite products are just few months away such as different kinds of Prosciutto (air-dried cured ham).

We never cut corners. We produce traditional premium and hand crafted Italian sausages and salamis, making an every day meal a special one, just like grandma prepared for us. It is our passion!

Luca & Paolo

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