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Sausage Cooking Tips
Pork Sausages play an important role when it comes to Italian cuisine. Italian Pork sausages are considered to be the king of sausages, since they are delicious and versatile.

Although there are different methods of cooking Italian sausages, only a few are considered good enough to draw out the flavour from the meat.

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Grilling adds a wonderful flavour to sausages and is a favourite cooking method especially in the summer. You can grill raw sausages - that's the "classic way" to enjoy them.

Otello's sausages should be pricked before placing on the grill because they don't contain water or water retaining agents like most other sausages. Expect a little fat to come out; this helps to crisp the sausage skin making it even more tasteful.

Oven: It is best to pierce the sausages before putting them in a casserole dish with a lid on or simply make a "bag" with tin foil and place on an oven-tray in a pre-heated oven 180°c for 10 minutes. You can keep the liquid to re-use in a sauce to get the sausage flavour.

Bbq: Cook over a low flame using a gas grill, and cook slowly to prevent the skins from bursting. For a charcoal grill, wait until the charcoal has some white ash and is not too hot. You can cook with your grill's lid down to heat the sausages through.


The most common way to prepare Italian sausages is to fry them. It is easiest to use a large non stick skillet fry-pan to prevent sticking. Prick the sausages both sides then place in a hot saucepan.

Cover and cook on medium-high heat. Turn over the sausages using tongs every couple of minutes until they are completely browned. To check whether the sausages are done, cut the sausage to check the centre for pinkness. To be completely safe, use a meat thermometer. The sausages are done when internal temperature is at least 100°c.

Alternatively, you can use a low heat and leave the sausages to slowly cook unattended, turning every 10 minutes or so. This method can take an hour or more, but if you have the time it will produce a moist, flavourful sausage.


Baking can dry out your sausage, so you will want to baste them while cooking or use a marinade and bake with some liquid.

Preheat oven to 200°c - you don't want to bake them at a highier temperature.

Put the sausages in a baking pan and bake in until the internal temperature reaches 100°c. This should take between 30–45 minutes.


Sausages can be poached until done and then eaten, or poached to precook before grilling or frying.

Poaching is not the same as boiling.

Put the sausages in a pot with enough water to just cover. Boil the water and reduce it to simmer. Allow the sausages to cook for 30 minutes and test with a meat thermometer thereafter.

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